Hatina 4S

Very compact solution for MEMS device testing.

Increase production throughput and reduce costs because it allows the qualification of different types of devices without changing interface board.

Hatina platform is able to drive and produce different stimuli, and perform devices testing, both at wafer level and final test.
Hatina 4S can be adapted to all major handlers, where stimuli are already available.

Different configurations for different types of test


Magnetic Sensor Testing Solution

Main Features

  • Up to 400 Gauss
  • 35/70 sites in parallel
  • Single reference per site
  • Patented coil less solution
  • 3D rotating magnetic field


Microtest’s complete solution to test MEMS Microphones
including stimuli & devices handling.

Microtest, in partnership with major handler makers, is able to provide complete test solution for any kind of MEMS device

Main Features

  • SNR up to 75dB
  • Max SPL up to 140dB
  • Less than 20dB SPL noise floor
  • Accuracy of SPL < 0.1dB
  • THD < 0.1%
  • Up to 70 sites parallelism
  • Test frequency from 20Hz to 20kHz


Hatina 4S can fulfill test requirements for MEMS Humidity, Pressure and Temperature sensor at final Test.

Main Features

  • Automotive range (-40 +180 °C)
  • Dynamic Temperature Conditioning
  • Less than 20dB SPL noise floor
  • 32 sites running production
  • Possibility to manage higher parallelism: 35/70/140… Also, in ping pong
  • Higher throughput


Low footprint solution to drive M&MEMS kit. To test Accelerometer and Gyroscope at final test.

Main Features

  • Direct installation on the tilt and twist unit
  • 32 sites parallel testing
  • 64 PPMU + 320 Digital Channels
  • DSP Embedded
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