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Radiation Test
  • The use of Hatina portable tester allows to develop high quality and complex solutions
  • SEE and TID done on very complex mixed devices
  • Running cooperation with companies qualified in physics sciences for beam management
  • Cooperation with INFN (Nuclear Physics National Institute)
  • Access to highly qualified laboratories for radiation activity
  • SEE --> LNS, (South National Laboartories),  Catania, Italy
  • TID  --> Louvain La Neuve (Belgium), Ankara (Turkey), Rome (Italy)
  • Standardized and consolidated flow
  • Software tool for SEL. SET, SEU analysis directly on the facility during the irradiation
  • Immediate cross section calculation
 related applications 
  • Several applications are mainly related to radiation activity. Particularly, the space qualification component (based on ESCC9000 flow) and military flow (MIL STD-883).
 related products 
  • One of the biggest problems during the radiation test (TID and SEE) is the complexity to develop high quality and complex test to the facility, since the normal big ATE cannot be transported to the facility plant.
  • Thanks to Hatina system and its incredible low footprint, the system can be transported to the iom beam or cobalt source and a very complex and wide range of tests can be done directly.
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